KIT VS SHADOW KIT!!! – Fortnite Season 3



  1. salar wasim より:

    Hi you should make a code

  2. Virtual Gamer より:

    is deadpool gonna come back

  3. Sheikh Safayet より:

    Better everyday give me a girl skin pls I use your code

  4. HaZe Elims より:

    What happened to Brutus?

  5. Ark Ghost より:

    Where’s Deadpool

  6. Awesome Diamond Gaming より:

    what happend to brutus?

  7. Laith Barjakly より:

    what happened to meowcles?

  8. camila martinez より:

    I dont owe anyone anymore because of, *P a i d T o B e H o m e .c o m*

  9. Erica Jordan より:

    it was getting good

  10. Júìcè wrłd 999 より:

    I’m enjoying these videos lizard keep em up