KIT MEETS HIS ONE TRUE LOVE!!! – Fortnite Season 3



  1. Kalizay Tamatea より:

    Little lizard love your content I’m absolutely love every video that comes out everyday I’m so happy when you guys realse a new video 💖

  2. makani narayana より:

    The robot is kit’s sister not a girlfriend

  3. David martines より:

    Where’s meowsels

  4. ItsYaBoi CRAIG より:

    Where is Meowscles

  5. Gaming_marlz XD より:

    What happened to meow

  6. General Grevius より:

    Stolen from newscape pro 😡

  7. Cool Pika より:

    We’re is meowcles

  8. Darth Vader より:

    I wish they took midas and brutus away from the story cause they died at the beginning.

  9. ツstathis666 より:

    What Happened to Meowscles??

  10. Vana White より:

    Me sill waned for peely lol 😂