7 SECRET Locations for LEGENDARY Loot in Season 3 Fortnite! Easy Victory Royale



  1. Deluxe God より:

    Thx for spot

  2. Shotz_ jarzz より:


  3. James Graham より:

    Did you know rickety rig has a vault

  4. SP bkiller Hidalgo より:

    Then you can’t land there because your worst then a mobile player

  5. Brandon Holbrook より:

    your awsome buddy

  6. Nico Sofia Tina LOL より:

    Little kids be like 50th lol 😂

  7. Ham Ripley より:

    Great thanks for exposing the pawn shop boat

  8. chris galate より:

    Whys he always spoiling the good drops

  9. Mario Lee より:

    I’ve been doing the catty corner one for a while

  10. neelam tripathi より:

    There is a vault at the ring open