10 SECRETS in Fortnite Season 3 YOU DONT KNOW ABOUT! Fortnite Easter Eggs



  1. Amanda Tickler より:

    Like sud bell 🔔

  2. Amanda Tickler より:

    Don’t work Drawnbraclet29

  3. Gabrielle smart より:

    The robot from the robot and monster is probably coming back

  4. David Bratton より:

    Ware is shadow cat

  5. David Bratton より:

    He Was kikd foom

  6. David Bratton より:

    Bye gost I hated GOST

  7. Pato Pruneda より:

    Can you make anoder fortnite vidio

  8. Teresa Nguyen より:

    I picked both

  9. Rosemary より:

    I’m like hawk right now I can’t believe ghost lost

  10. Amanda Pisa より:

    Team SHADOW