making fortnite look EASY



  1. McCreamy より:

    leave like and subscribe

  2. Manav Panesar より:

    McCreamy ok buddy

  3. Jonne van Dam より:

    Already did sirrrr

  4. Rashid 7Adil より:


  5. Kai Zerafa より:

    Love u Creammmyyyyyyyyyy no homoooooo ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎 your really good at Fortnite aswell keep it up

  6. Quarantine Benji より:

    Does anyone remember the video that met catypo well she called him a cheater let’s hope that’s not true

  7. Tiko Sticks より:

    Aw hell yeah i want some kjlabglkjdsahfkljasdbf

  8. Lawrence Hollowood より:

    Tacs are good Actually mcreamy

  9. Kai Zerafa より:


    Can we start a creamy army!!!!! Then your subscribers are little whipped cream soldiers and we can raid other army’s!! Just remember not Tiko because Tiko is a really good YouTuber and has a fish army that I’m in too, BUT I CAN BE IN BOTH

  10. shash 4756 より:

    Mccreamy tell the truth
    You were using macros weren’t you?

  11. Μαριλένα Γριβα より:

    Why don’t you do the “only marked weapons challenge? It would be fun, but you can peak meds and stuff

  12. Adam Sorrell より:

    Anyone else think he was playing on both servers

  13. Elite_ Lewie より:

    Mccreamy goes out with cat

  14. you dead yt より:

    I farted when that musicales came in

  15. EFAR 2008 より:

    How dare you say that the takiwaki is bad!